Spill and accident Kit


Combined Sprinke, Germ Kill and Mess Away and you have the complete solution always to remove dirt and stains, but gentle on the environment. Also the perfect when travelling with car sick animals or children!


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Spill and accident kit is recommended for treating pet mess.
Sprinkle the absorbency powder over pet mess or vomit. Two minutes later, it is transformed into a gel, which can be brushed up and disposed of. A subtle, fresh rose fragrance keeps things smelling fresh and clean.

Germ Kill This neutralises odours, disinfects and cleans soiled areas. It can be used on any surface, including carpets and furnishings.

Mess Away A biological cleaner that is perfect for treating recurring odours from organic staining. It is ideal for areas of deep soiling where carpets have been penetrated.

Also the perfect three when travelling with car sick animals or children!

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