Chemical Free Flea Tag – CatanDog’s® Anti Parasite Tag


CatanDog’s® is a revolutionary bio-tech flea and tick repellent that keeps your pets free of parasites without the need for potentially harmful pesticides or other chemical, powder or oral treatments, which often cause pets sickness or discomfort.

A CatanDog’s® anti parasite tag is a unique electro-magnetically charged disc that is simply attached to your pet’s collar and generates a bio-resonant field that repels not only fleas and ticks, but all flying parasites. It is completely safe, non-toxic and has no side effects.

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CatanDog’s is a unique electro-magnetically charged aluminium disc that is simply attached to your pet’s collar and generates a bio-resonant field that repels not only fleas and ticks, but all flying parasites. It is completely safe, non-toxic and has no side effects.


Main benefits of the CatanDog’s® Tag

  • Prevents and repels fleas and ticks
  • Effective for sick, convalescent, pregnant and weaning dogs and cats
  • No need to stop your children playing with your Cats and Dogs
  • No need to wash your hands after touching your Pets with CatanDog’s Tags
  • Contains no chemical elements, non-toxic and no smell
  • For external use, water resistant, including salt water
  • Completely safe with no side effects
  • With an effective life of 24 months it saves the user 75% of the cost of the undesirable chemical treatments over the same period.

View our How it Works video here.


What other benefits can my pet expect from the CatanDog’s tag?

The CatanDog’s tag has the very beneficial effect of improving circulation. You should expect your pet to feel well as a result of the Scalar Waves being generated by the CatanDog’s tag and the natural electromagnetic field in the animal. Improved circulation can increase their energy and recovery, reduce fatigue, reduce inflammation and improve immune response.

CatanDog’s tags have absolutely no contraindications nor negative side effects.


Directions for use

Attach the CatanDog’s disc to the pet’s collar. To guarantee effectiveness it should stay attached to the collar permanently, including when you give your pet a bath or even if you have your pet x-rayed by your veterinarian.

Treatment duration

Catandog’s becomes effective between 7 to 20 days from the date it is first attached to the pet’s collar. It is recommended that you attach CatanDog’s to the pet’s collar after the pet has been deloused with anti-parasite shampoo or by the use of a chemical treatment, which will protect against the parasites while the tag becomes effective.


If the disc is temporarily removed the acclimatisation period should be re-commenced.


Field trials, carried out by 2 Madrid veterinary faculties in the 1990’s, proved the CatanDog’s tag to be 95% effective. It remains effective for at least up to 2 years, after which it should be replaced.  These studies are still valid as nothing about the tag has changed other than the thickness of the gold plate!

Very Important Advice

  • Only apply the tag to a Dog/Cat which is free of all parasites. To rid your pet of parasites effectively and naturally, please see our Apex-Care Organic Pest Control range. The Apex Care range will rid your pet and home of pests and the CatnaDog’s tag will prevent re-infestation. A truly natural and holistic way to prevent pests!
  • The tag repels parasites & does not kill them. We recommend that the tag is fastened to the collar at the same time as the last chemical treatment. This should ensure that the pet remains free of parasites while the tag is becoming fully activated.
  • The tag must be worn 24 hours a day.
  • If you remove the tag it will take between 7 & 21 days to become reactivated, depending on the pet’s size & weight

Important Information

CatanDog’s produced the original anti-parasite tag and has been registered by the US EPA and the German and Austrian pharmaceutical registries. It was developed by the veterinary faculties of two Madrid university and patented in Spain. The CatanDog’s Tag is manufactured in Austria and has just celebrated its 20th anniversary since the  current owner started distribution in Asia, where he had other business interests.  The tags are now available globally.

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