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Ethos & Ethics

We really know how much your furry friend means to you, we are pet owners too. So, to ensure that we bring you the best products and advice, we promise to live up to the following. Are you with us?

Our Vision:

Healthier, happier pets everywhere thanks to owners making inspired choices.

Our Mission:

Everything we do is driven by our passion for pets and our commitment to making every pet we meet the healthiest & happiest it can be.

To the benefit of every pet we serve, we are driven by embracing continuous personal development and the advancement of our formal pet care education. We will disseminate this knowledge via free and easily accessible personal advice.

Our promise to provide the healthiest products available, through an affordable and convenient home delivery service, inspires us to excel at every opportunity.

We build strong and lasting relationships with our customers and their pets; we know each personally and by name. We are always available to answer questions and enhance learning and relationships with our beloved pets.

We actively seek mutually rewarding relationships with likeminded businesses and organisations.

We exist to make Healthy pets, Happy owners & Harmonious business relationships.

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Our Values:

  • Making A Difference

We believe every moment is an opportunity to make a difference. We know how important our products are for improving your pet’s health, so our professional advice is always mixed with love to promote great pet and owner relationships.  Everything down to our delivery and scheduling service is optimized so you and your pet get exactly what you want, exactly when you need it. We do our best to inspire those around us to do more and to be more.

  • You & Your Pet’s Story

Every pet is unique and every pet and owner combination is even more unique. Through our holistic perspective, we create a synergy between pet & owner, helping form healthier and happier relationships and animals. To do this we need to know as much about you as we do your pet! We create solutions for the owners and pets, taking into account mental and social factors, as well as the physical and nutritional elements expected.

  • Knowledge & Understanding

Help owners understand why appropriate lifestyle and lifestage feeding and care is the key to healthy animals and relationships. We do this through our qualified professional advice, the dissemination of the latest peer reviewed industry advice and truly understanding how important your pet is to you.

  • Personal Care from Passionate Pet People

Firstly, we are pet owners and are truly passionate about our pets. We are accessible to our clients at all times. Most importantly we work hard to ensure that our knowledge and associated qualifications are ahead of the industry norms. We don’t think of our employees as staff; they are Our People. Our People are key to our ongoing success.

  • Determination & Integrity

We are driven by success. We define success as contributing positively to healthy pets and happy owners.  The result of our success will be a thriving business and local employment opportunities for more pet lovers. Our integrity is the cornerstone of our commitment to our clients.

  • The Importance of Every Pet

The role of the family pet is becoming more and more important. We know that every pet matters, we are pet parents too. Small, large, somewhere in the middle, old, young, dog, cat, mouse, rat, rabbit, hamster, alpaca, we love them all and we want to help you keep them as healthy as possible so that we can enjoy long and rewarding relationships with our furry friends.

  • Our Reputation

Our success has been built on happy customers telling other pet owners of our commitment and quality. Nearly three quarters of all new clients reach us via recommendations and referrals. We are immensely proud of this and will honour this kindness by ensuring these new clients are served to the highest standard.

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